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"Single Mom, you are not forgotten;

God sees your struggles and desires to heal you.”

You may be feeling alone, deserted, overwhelmed, and unprepared for this season in your life as a Single Christian Mom. Thankfully, you DO NOT have to walk this journey alone.

This book is a clear roadmap that the Author Shelby created, upon reflecting about her own journey of healing. It is filled with the promises of God that will guide you through such a time as this.

Shelby is currently a single mom, and has successfully navigated this roadmap of healing and hope through her vulnerability, consistency, and intimacy with the Holy Spirit. God can and wants to do this in your life, if you’re willing to let Him in.

If you feel you need someone to help you navigate this journey, who has walked it out herself successfully, Shelby provides one-on-one coaching. Feel free to reach out to her on her Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

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